About Eelco

Eelco (35) is a serial entrepreneur and investor from Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Over 15 years ago Eelco started selling hip hop records online. Without realizing it at the time, his proved to be the first online hip hop store in Europe.

In the ‘golden era’ of the Internet, Eelco launched literally hundreds of websites and went on to start numerous businesses, ranging from a merchant processing company with over 50.000 clients, an e-commerce platform with over 20.000 web stores, an e-mail marketing company, a hosting company, and a web-design company.

In addition to all this, Eelco launched his own coaching-business. His big game is not only to help entrepreneurs grow their profits, but to ‘free’ them from their businesses at the same time.

As far as Eelco is concerned, too many entrepreneurs are ‘imprisoned’ by their own company and his aim is to help them make the transition of falling back in love with the company they once started.

Eelco is the author of 2 books, over 20 e-books, and has created over 1000 video’s on YouTube. He has helped thousands of entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and has shared the stage with the likes of Robert Kiyosaki and Les Brown.

Being successful is not his sole ambition in life; he wants to enjoy himself at the same time, so for multiple months a year Eelco travels the globe.

Fun fact – all of his products and companies are in Dutch!


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Eelco de Boer
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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