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How To Handle Guilt In Business

Guilt. I am no expert on this topic. I don’t have all the wisdom; I’m not a master, but I do have some lessons I would like to share. How do we cope with feeling guilty, or how do we resolve the whole issue of guilt?

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  • 28 March 2015

The First Eelco de Boer Podcast

Hi there. My name is Eelco de Boer. I’m going to share my experiences, my insights, my lessons, and my teachings from the last 15 years as an entrepreneur. I’m going to interview awesome people; I’m going to take you with me on the journey of this thing called entrepreneurship and also other awesome things in life.

On this website/blog I will be sharing all of the above mentioned. Also feel free to subscribe to my other channels such as YouTube and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels. You can find the links below. This way, you will never have to miss out on my teachings, experiences and insights ever again. I look forward to connecting with you in the future. Thanks!

The Eelco de Boer Podcast
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  • 11 March 2015