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Trade Facebook for Books

Addictive behaviors can be either constructive or destructive and today’s article asks the question, “What would happen if you traded one behavior for another?”

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  • 30 April 2015

Crazy Times

We live in really crazy times in terms of new technologies and social media options that are available. For someone like me with a profile who is creative and entrepreneurial, I can really help and inspire people with content I create using these platforms.

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  • 29 April 2015

I Don’t Want To Give Back or Change the World

Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine about giving back, making a difference in the world, and all that sort of stuff. I bring it up because these are nice things to talk about and do, but I have a slightly different perspective that really sort of shocked my friend during our conversation.

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  • 28 April 2015

A Metaphor for Internet Fasting

If you have listened to my podcasts or read my articles before, you know that I am a big fan of Internet fasting. I want to share with you a comparison of the effects of limiting your time on the Internet.

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  • 27 April 2015

Your Business Should be Your B$%#&

Often things are not as they appear. From the outside looking in, the perception can be very different from the reality. This can happen just as easily with our business as with our personal lives.

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  • 24 April 2015

Stop Worrying About Your Output


So, you have had some success with your business model. Maybe you had some good breakthroughs and even made some money. Possibly, you did this through a marketing campaign, selling a product, or providing a service, and all of that worked really well.

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  • 23 April 2015
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