Monthly Archives: May 2015

Sowing And Reaping

I want to address some of the questions I get asked the most such as, “What do you get out of this podcast? How do you convert your listeners to buyers? What do you do with Facebook? What do you do with all your videos and your webinars? How do you make money out of it?”

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  • 5 May 2015

Why You’re In The Shit You’re In Right Now

Most of the shit that we have in life, our problems, stress, drama etc., is the result of bad decisions. Poor decision making is one of the worst things you can do. But when is it that we make poor decisions? Do we make poor decisions when we are totally aware, totally present? Or is it when we are not that present?

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  • 4 May 2015

The One-Year Technique: 3 steps to feeling better about your business

Do you ever find yourself feeling as if things just are not moving fast enough? If you feel as though your business should be at a higher level and you are frustrated at your lack of growth, try the following One-Year Technique. It is a simple, yet powerful tool that will help you gain a more realistic perspective of your business.

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  • 1 May 2015