Stop Doing Dumb Stuff & Build Your Legacy

If you are a person who has a lot to share in terms of new and authentic ideas, it is time to stop focusing on dumb stuff and start building your legacy.

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There are so many opportunities today for growth using new technologies like podcasts, e-books, seminars, and social media sites. I have been in the game for 15 years and have not been as excited in at least the last six or seven years as I am now about where we are in the media.

Not everyone can be the type of person who has interesting thoughts to share and can create great content. If you are that type of person though, creating content is a huge opportunity and an excellent way to build a following.

If you know deep down inside that you are the type of person who can really make a change in the world and create a great business, the worst thing you can do right now is to sleep on the idea.

There is no guarantee that these types of opportunities will still be there in a few years, so you need to work on expanding your reach now. No one wants to be the person who looks back in 2025 and says, “2015, that was the time, man. I should have jumped in on all these platforms and created great free content.”

The people who are creating great content right now are the ones who will win in the future, even the near future. If you want, you can cash in big time with a large following.

Personally, creating valuable content and reaching a lot of people is having a massive impact for me. I can use this content and the following I have created to attach to a business model. I have 25 different business models we can add to the things we are doing right now, and that is not even what’s exciting. What is exciting is creating valuable, authentic, and cool content for an audience.

The people who are creating great content right now are the ones who will win in the future…

Right now, it is 9:00 in the morning and I just finished a phone call with a friend of mine. I said, “I will record a podcast and create an article based on what we talked about.” This was not planned; this is my insight right now. Afterwards, it is done and I might not have the same insight tomorrow or in a few days.

It is amazing that I can record a podcast in 10 minutes with no crew, and it is amazing that I can create articles to share on social media.

I meet a lot of interesting people with cool ideas who don’t really have an online presence. They might have three videos and one interview online, but they are focused mainly on going to meetings and things like that. That is the kind of thing we should not be worried about right now. We should be worried about building our legacies.

You are your biggest asset and it is important not to waste time. Start creating valuable content and building your legacy now.

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  • 22 April 2015
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