Skip 10% and Go To 1000%

In this article, I am going to focus on why we, as entrepreneurs, should skip 10% and aim for 1000% growth for our businesses.

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As entrepreneurs, we are really crazy in how we function, the way that we respond to things, what can motivates us or hold us back. I see this trait in myself and in other entrepreneurs. For example, if you talk to an entrepreneur about a small task for their business, they will usually respond with, “Nah, I do not really want more work. I have so little time as it is.” Most entrepreneurs are already pressed for time and adding more work is not the solution for that. However, if you give them a really big, big idea, they will be excited about it.

A couple of weeks ago, I did a webinar about how we are dominating on Facebook. In the past, I would have suggested someone start out with a low number of Facebook posts, maybe a couple a week or one per day. Now, I tell people, “No, man, you’ve got to do at least four posts per day.” For some entrepreneurs, even doing a couple of posts on Facebook each week is impossible.

When we go 10 times harder and think 10 times bigger, that is when business becomes exciting again.

It goes back to the idea of adding extra small things to the business; for that there is no time. But if you make the goal bigger though and suggest four to six posts per day, then the entrepreneurs say, “That is exciting. I can do that.”

Most of the time, our goals and our actions are too small. We think that we are super busy, but some of that is just in our heads and is the result of thinking too much. As entrepreneurs, we should raise our ambition, which in turn, will increase our output. When we go 10 times harder and think 10 times bigger, that is when business becomes exciting again.

When you have hit a rut of boredom, what can you do to get your business back on track and grow 1000%? Take an hour of time to brainstorm ideas. Try not to come up with ideas that will grow the business 10% or 20% – those are the types of ideas that will make you feel like a manager. Instead, really try to create a plan that will allow your business to grow 1000%.

How? Have bigger goals, bigger input, bigger commitments, and more dedication. When you start thinking about growing 1000%, you will find that some things need to be abandoned, some need to be scaled up, and some new ideas need to be started up and focused on. Coming up with the idea is just the first step though; you also need to make a hard commitment to get the plan into motion.

Forget about 10% or 20% growth because that is boring. We do not want to wake up in the morning and think, “Let’s grow our business 3% this week.” No, we want to strive for 1000% growth to take our businesses to a completely different level. That is how you get the flow back into your business.

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  • 26 April 2015
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