Working My Ass off All the Time

If you want to create a lot of great, valuable content and wisdom to share, you have to be in a peaceful state of mind.

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It does not matter if it is a podcast, a video, a webinar or maybe a speech or a Facebook post, you have to be relaxed. If you tense and things are hectic, it is difficult to come up with great ideas.

It is important to work hard, to grind, to hustle, to build your business, but also to be relaxed and reflect within yourself while in solitude. Being alone is important because that is the time that you become creative and gain insight. The combination of working hard and being silent is powerful. You understand the lessons from your hard work during this time.

Most people are just hard workers and do not learn the lessons that come from their hard work, and this is where we gain the most wisdom. It is important to have a combination of street smarts and book smarts.

For example, the last few months I have worked my ass off. I loved every minute of it because we were growing and we were fighting in a good way. We were learning a lot and experiencing a lot of success. The energy surrounding our team during those times is awesome! Then I feel within myself, “Okay, now you’ve got to relax and you’ve got to take the lessons from all the hard work.”

There comes a time when it is necessary to reflect.

When this happens, I will take time off for a month and it is a time I look forward to very much. I get to reflect on everything that happened, make adjustments, strategize and think about what worked well and what did not work well. This is the time when I prioritize what is most important about the way we are working, find ways to improve  things and, as a result, make my team stronger.

Sometimes it is necessary to go through a period of imbalance in order to grow and learn. Imbalance can be cause by both positive and negative events. The last couple of months, we were out of balance in a good way because we had so much energy and there were so many opportunities.

There comes a time when it is necessary to reflect. It does not have to be a month; it could be three days, but it is important to be alone and have time to think.

We can work our asses off, but we also have to be smart. The best way to make smart decisions is to be relaxed, to be present, and to be aware.

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  • 3 May 2015
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