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I take a lot of time to create the perfect schedule. I know myself really well, and I know when I function best. I want to talk about planning your years and planning the ultimate life.


We all have a lot of stuff going on. You have friends, family, children, a spouse. Maybe you have a business or a job. I think it’s really important to spend a lot of time and energy on your calendar to plan your year and do it with a clear state of mind. Not doing it while you’re busy or when you’re in a rush, but think for even just 30 minutes, what would your ideal year look like?

For example, how many weeks would you want to spend with your family? How many days would you want to spend with your parents or with your best friend? Take 30- 60 minutes of your time to think about that. “What would my ideal year look like and with whom do I want to spend my time?” Then work on your schedule and put it in your calendar.

You can meditate for a little while and then think “What is really important to me?” Come up with ten to twenty things, actually not things but people.

Let’s talk about people. You could say, “My mother is important to me, my father is important to me, my sister is important to me, my brother is important to me. Friend A is important to me. Friend B, friend C, and friend D are important to me.” Go through a list of people. Then put on paper how much time you want to spend with the important people in your life. Also, think about what is ideal and what is realistic. Make a realistic schedule in your calendar for those people.

Then find out a way to do your business. You will notice there is not that much time in a year if you really want to invest a lot of time with those important people. But you also realize that you have to plan, otherwise you will forget about them and you won’t see them often enough.

The topic of this blog post is that you have to work ON your life. When you do, you have to work ON your calendar.

Set priorities and make plans. Also make hard commitments. I wrote a previous blog about this as well, hard commitments versus soft commitments.

Make a hard commitment. Tell the people you love, after you have worked on your calendar “Let’s go have dinner on this date” or “Let’s go travel these weekends.” Work ON it and make a hard commitment.

I know that in August I will go to Andrea Bocelli in Tuscany with my mother. It’s been booked for over six months already. It’s not a question whether I have time or not that week. It’s booked. I have all the trips that are already booked, in my calendar. Until February, I know what I’m going to do. Not specifically with all the friends, but with my family and my own traveling.

Working ON your schedule is a huge thing. Take time at least once a week to go through your schedule and plan at least your week. And be strategic about it. Working on your schedule saves time, keeps you focused and lets you invest in the important people around you.

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  • 9 June 2015
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