80% of Success is Showing Up

Nowadays it is so easy not to follow through on your commitments or appointments. It is a behavior I see quite often in my business. Find out why I believe one of the biggest characteristics of successful people is showing up.

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Last week we had an office warming and had invited a lot of people. We received a large number of responses from people saying they would be there. However, only about 50% of those people actually came.

People who have the discipline and character to show up for their commitments are the people who have the skills to become winners.

This didn’t surprise me because I learned from my experiences with holding seminars that only about 30-40% of those who registered actually attend. The same goes for webinars. If we have 2,000 people signed up, only about 1,000 will actually participate.

This really separates the winners from the losers. People who have the discipline and the character to show up for their commitments are the people who have the skills to become winners.

I truly believe eighty, ninety, sometimes even one hundred percent of success is simply showing up.

I had a guy say, “Man, I couldn’t come because I drank too much last night.” Sorry dude, but that’s a loser quality.

We had a customer scheduled last week for an intake and he didn’t show up; on Wednesday and on Friday, same thing – he didn’t show up. This person shows a lack of follow through and that is a character weakness that will stand in the way of success.

If you have an appointment with a personal trainer, all you have to do is show up and he will take care of the rest.

If you are hosting a seminar or webinar and only eight people sign up, you might be tempted to cancel. Do not do it. Show up!

I really believe the people who didn’t show up for the office warming, and the person who didn’t show up for his appointments last week, are missing out on potentially their biggest breakthroughs. By showing up, they would have given themselves opportunity for growth and insights.

A great example of this is Donald Trump. He was in 9 million, or billion, – I’m not sure; I just know it was a huge amount of money – dollars in debt and was in a bad place, feeling down and out. He had an event to attend, a gala or dinner, which he really did not feel like attending, but he kept his commitment and went anyway. At this event, he was seated next to a banker and the conversation he had that night is what saved his ass. Had he not shown up for this dinner, he might have never experienced the success he has today.

You never know if that next meeting, appointment, or event might be the moment of your biggest breakthrough.

You must show up to find out.

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  • 24 June 2015
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