I want to express my gratitude to my followers.

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I really love that after a crazy day of running my business, I can come home and share my thoughts and ideas with you. I can simply push record and start a podcast or open up a document and start a blog post, and I find that amazing.

It is even crazier for me when people like what I create and they tell me, “I’ve learned so much from you and I can really connect with you.” Even if I don’t know you, if you’ve never sent me a tweet, never connected with me in any way, I’m really grateful for you. If you have connected with me, I love you, and if you haven’t connected with me, I love you too.

I’ve written about if before, but these are crazy times in 2015. If you have my profile and are able to do these types of things with podcasts and blog articles, you should really try to do them. I didn’t expect to enjoy creating this type of content so much, but I find it to be very therapeutic for me. I’m able to help people and connect with people, which in turn, makes me feel better in the process.

It’s just exciting to know that right now, people are listening to my podcasts or reading my articles on their smartphones while they are on the train, or doing dishes, or walking, at the gym, or whatever. Thank you for sharing this journey of growing and being the best version of ourselves. I’m really grateful that I can be a tiny part of that.

I love to hear from you, so leave a comment below or contact me through Twitter @EelcoDeBoer. 


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  • 25 June 2015
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