Is Your Business Getting in the Way of Your Personal Growth?

Trying to balance the time you spend on your business growth versus your personal growth can be challenging. Keep reading to find out some of my thoughts on this topic.

Travel Time and a Night on the Town

Good morning, Ibiza!

Good morning, Ibiza!

The last several weeks have been amazing for me. I have enjoyed a lot of great travel and had excitingthings happening in my business. After an incredible five-week trip with my wife and daughter, I am now in Ebisu for our annual men’s weekend at the beach. Tomorrow I will return to Amsterdam, back to my home, family, and work.

Last Friday, after opening a new office, I went to Eindhoven to an MOP hip-hop show. I also had some super meetings during the week.

I met with Ari Mizell, a great guy you have heard me talk about in earlier podcasts.

On Wednesday, our mastermind group spent the day on a large boat that belongs to one of our members. That day we enjoyed Amsterdam on the water, and then in the evening we toured Amsterdam with a special guest.

ice t photo

Hanging out with Ice-T and his wife, Coco.

A great friend of mine, Deems, that I featured in one of my first podcasts, The Power of Music, is friends with MOP and with Ice-T, an old-school rapper and an actor. He did a show called Body Count, an old school rock group. After the show here in Amsterdam, we took Ice-T, his wife,Coco, his son, and part of his crew on a tour of the city.

We took them through the Red Light District, had chicken from KFC, and we connected with Ali B., a Dutch rapper I used to listen to when I was younger.

We had a really great evening.

The Struggle is Real

An important thing that I have observed about myself and other entrepreneurs is the relationship between personal development and business development. Obviously, they are connected, but I have found that often our business development gets in the way of our personal development. We focus too much on work, working too many hours and getting stressed out. We do not eat healthy, do not read, do not do yoga or go to the gym, do not go to our mentor, or fail to spend enough time with our friends and family.

It is really tough, sometimes seems impossible, to find the right balance.

It is an understandable struggle for those of us who love our business because our work is something we really enjoy.

There are many people who are personal development junkies, doing a lot of “shelf development” where they buy a lot of books and do not read them, or they read them but do not implement what they learn.

I have known entrepreneurs who have worked their asses off for years building their business, but they never work on themselves. It is an understandable struggle for those of us who love our business because our work is something we really enjoy.

Be an Architect or a Warrior

A question I always ask my Bar Raisers is what is the most important thing in your life? Is your life centered around that or is it centered around your business?

We must be aware of that and be focused on what we value most.

For me the answer would be that my health comes first, because without good health you have nothing. Second, I would say is my family, not only my wife and daughter, but my whole family. Third, would be my personal growth and fourth, my business, because that is the area where I can outsource and have other people run it for me.

I love the metaphor of the Warrior and the King. Of course, the warrior would probably say his business is number one or two, and the king would definitely put business at number four. As entrepreneurs, we need to work on the transition from warrior to king, or from construction worker to architect.

Obviously, there are times we may need to go into warrior mode, but the most beautiful thing is to have a business that works for you and runs itself; one that does not require your attention at all times to crush it or work your ass off.

Working Harder Hardly Works

It is very possible that your business development is getting in the way of your personal development, but it could also be that the reverse is happening.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but it is possible that neglecting your personal growth can cause your business to suffer. It is important to be strategic and take more time off, step back and evaluate, in order to make the right decisions.

To maintain a balance, you must be okay with being away from your business in order to be more present in your life and work on yourself.

Most of the time, working harder is not the solution and many times, working smarter is not the solution either. By spending time on your personal development, you can put your business in a place that allows it to begin to run itself.

It is an awesome thing to have a great business that works for you. As an example, you might read about Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world. He does not spend his day busting his ass for his business and he never has. He makes smart decisions, spends many hours a day reading, and has great people around him. He puts himself first. Just like Mr. Buffett, we need to begin to think like warriors and architects.

Time to Scoot

Tomorrow morning we are going back to Amsterdam and I am excited because I miss my wife and daughter. But I am also looking forward to landing at the Amsterdam airport because waiting there for me is my ultimate freedom — my scooter.

It must be a funny sight to see me on my scooter — a big man holding my small hand luggage, buzzing around Amsterdam. I go everywhere on my scooter and it is such an ultimate feeling of freedom.

I think it is an association I have from the time when I was sixteen years old — my wife was fifteen — she lived twenty miles away and I would hop on my scooter and ride an hour to go see her.

We have been married six years now; been together nineteen years, and riding my scooter brings back those wonderful feelings from many years ago. It makes me feel like a kid again.

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  • 27 June 2015
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