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Being artistic is a trait that you need if you want to succeed in the information marketing business. I really believe in the education-based model: educating your potential customers so that they eventually become a customer.

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Many entrepreneurs in the Bar Raisers group that I coach are also artists. I work really well with this particular niche because I am both of those things as well. I have built multiple companies over the past ten to fifteen years and I am artistic. Creating podcasts and sharing information is my form of art. Whether recording videos or podcasts, writing, building webinars, or speaking on stage, I am using my creativity to produce valuable content.

It is very common for entrepreneurs to have this natural desire to create, so it happens that when they are able to express it through their business they find it an amazing experience. On the other hand, when they become so busy managing their business — dealing with employees, building a team, going to meetings — the things required for success, they do not enjoy themselves as much. It can be extremely tough when creativity is stifled.

The solution is to create balance. Think about how often and how much you really need to work on your business to build a good business structure and team? And are you spending more time on it than is absolutely necessary?

The cool thing these days is that there are so many opportunities for being creative while producing marketing material. What is marketing? For me, it is providing value to really large groups of people. Using the education-based model means providing a lot of value in the form of podcasts, videos, Facebook, Twitter, webinars, or other platforms that reach large audiences. When we make the time to use these outlets, it proves to be very satisfying to our artistic side.

An important thing to keep in mind is that when you are creating marketing information, you need to be sure that you are doing it at your highest level. If you find yourself thinking, “I have to create another video, because that’s what I am supposed to do today,” then you will not produce your best work.

I recently took a hiatus from podcasting because honestly, I just did not feel like doing it. If you have listened to my recent podcasts, you know that I was away for a month with my family. During that time, I did not feel the urge to create, so I didn’t. On the flip side, if you catch me in the flow, in my creative space, I can create amazing content.

You may find that you only feel these waves of creativity sporadically throughout the year. Just be sure to embrace those times when you are at your peak and go all out.

The lesson I hope to share with you today is how important it is as entrepreneurs to find a balance that works for you. To do this, I suggest you look at your calendar and evaluate how much space you have allowed for being creative. I am not asking you to change it necessarily, but look at it and think. I challenge you to ask honestly evaluate if you have enough time set aside in your schedule to be free and have the time to develop great insights, to be the artist you are, and to become a better artist.

66 Q most val player 062815I have shared with you in the past the idea of becoming the most valuable player in your market. If you want to become the MVP, then it is necessary for you to create the best content, create the coolest stuff, and help the most people in your market. That can only happen if you give yourself the necessary time in your life to develop your best work.

I watched an interview with the amazing Rick Ruben. He is one of the best producers in the world; working with artists like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, Kanye West, and Jay-Z. He also created the Def Jam Record label about thirty years ago.

It was interesting to hear his point of view about creativity. His belief is that you cannot rush it, force it, or put a deadline on it. You must allow it to come naturally and embrace it when it comes, then take your time and create your best work. Your best work could potentially reach thousands or millions of people.

I can tell you from experience: it will not happen when you have only 42 minutes available on your calendar because you are booked with meetings, appointments, and employee issues.

There is no guarantee that if you take time off that you will feel like creating. You must learn what elements you need to be in place for you to really shine.

I know I am at my best when I am in the trenches, really working my business, but I have to maintain a sense of balance; a few hours of business stuff, then time off for fun stuff. Today, for example, I feel like I could create three or four podcasts because I had a full day of meetings. That is not my favorite thing to do, but it is necessary and it also gives me great inspiration. After meeting and talking with colleagues, it motivates me to share my insights.

Having time to create these podcasts is one of my favorite things to do. It is very therapeutic for me and it seems as if you enjoy it as well. I am sometimes amazed that you listen, but I receive a lot of great feedback. Thank you!

I will be featuring some guests in the near future; not people you have heard on $20,000 podcasts, but still really interesting people. Watch for that in the next few weeks and remember to look at your calendar today and see how much creative space you have. Adjusting your schedule might possibly allow you to create work that lives on for the rest of your life.


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  • 28 June 2015
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