Why This Is All a Test

Think back to a time in the past few years when you had a lot of stress in your business, or in your personal life. Recall how you felt at that time. Now, ask yourself how you would handle that same experience now. Would you feel the same anxiety today that you did then or would you be able to look at it as a phase that you are confident you will get through?

When I ask most entrepreneurs that I work with to do this mental exercise, they recognize that struggles they have had in the past seem not so large in the present time.

This is because we all have to go through tough times in our business in order to grow. Think of successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Donald Trump, or Mark Cuban, who we know experienced struggles from time to time, but now I am sure they look at those as no big deal.

One of the things I do when I encounter a challenge is to imagine how one of these men would deal with it. Would they lie awake in bed, stressed out and worried? I would guess typically they do not, because they are on a different level than most of us in terms of business; but they all had to go through difficult times in order to grow and move to the next level.

Be aware that the problems you are facing today are a test. Realize that it is necessary as the leaders of our business to go through the pressures and trials of our current state in order to be able to handle the next phase of challenges that lie ahead.

The wisdom and experience acquired through solving problems at each stage, prepares us for future challenges. If we cannot handle the current level, that means we are not ready to grow.

It is important to be aware of this and embrace your struggles. Know that if you want to grow, then it is necessary to get out of your comfort zone. Do not fight the growing pains and the feelings that come with them. Get through them with the most positive attitude you can and then on the other side of it, you will have confidence in knowing, I passed that test, so I am ready to move on to a new level.

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  • 30 June 2015
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