Use Meditation to Find a Solution

I have written before about the bottlenecks and struggles that every business faces. In today’s article, I want to look at how meditation can help you find solutions for some of these struggles.

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One of my businesses has a challenge that we have faced for a while now. A certain team member has had a particularly hard time with a specific issue and his frustration is something I have noticed for a while. So today, the team member and I discussed this challenge in an attempt to find a solution. We must have spoken for nearly two hours, and we still could not come up with the right answer. We were just going in circles and getting nowhere.

So I went home, spent some time with my family, ate dinner, etc., then I went to my man cave ad meditated for 10 minutes or so. During my meditation, I finally found the solution to this challenge. Afterwards, I called the guy up and told him, “This might be the answer.” He thought about it a little and said, “Yeah, that’s interesting.”

During my meditation, I finally found the solution to this challenge.

I am a sensitive person and intuitive as an entrepreneur. When I am dealing with a problem or become involved in a heated discussion, I need to either go to the gym or meditate to deal with the issue. It is somewhat counter-intuitive because when you feel stressed out, you do not feel like meditating. Nevertheless, it is a method that I have found to be productive and it always makes me feel better afterwards. If you compare my energy right now to my energy earlier in the day, it is completely improved.

When I meditate, I do not use any advanced techniques or postures, I just listen to meditative music on Spotify, go to my man cave, close my eyes, and breathe. There is another level of meditation that I will eventually try called TM, but I have not had a chance to get into it yet.

For me, it is important to just be somewhere where I cannot be disrupted and relax. Next time you feel like you just cannot come up with a solution, try this method and see if it leads you to the answer or at least improves your energy.

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  • 4 July 2015
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