I’m Going To Be an Uber Driver!

Sometimes I have the craziest ideas come to me while going through normal life events. Keep reading to find out what I discovered about myself. I received an invitation to attend the 10th anniversary celebration of Virgin United, so a couple of weeks ago I traveled to London for the event. Richard Branson, Aloe Blacc, and several friends were there that I had met on Necker Island and in South Africa on the Virgin United trip.

My return trip home began with a one-hour taxi ride to London City Airport, where I discovered my flight had been cancelled. My only other option was to travel to Heathrow, an additional two hour trip.uber

Of course, I arranged for an Uber Taxi, because I love to ride with them, specifically Uber Pop, in Holland. They are not the official taxi service, but just people using their personal cars and the Uber App.

To make the best of the trip, we stopped at a gas station and I picked up some drinks and snacks for the driver and myself. While we were driving, I started asking the guy questions about his job and found out he just started driving two weeks ago with Uber.

It is funny how I always end up going into my “coaching” mode. It is so natural to me, which, in my opinion, is why I am great at what I do. I am not great at everything, but coaching entrepreneurs is something I know I am good at; not only do I do it for a fee, but I also find myself just naturally sharing my ideas and helping people.

He told me that for a long time he was not sure if he wanted to be an Uber driver, and that he was searching for other ways to make money. I shared with him the story I read about a driver who made about $250,000 a year. He was earning most of this not by driving the taxi, but by selling jewelry to his taxi customers.

The average Uber Pop driver has about 30-50 new customers a day whom they typically pick up, drive to their destination and drop off. This gentleman, however, had turned his driving service into a second business – a jewelry business.

As I talked with my driver about my five strategies for effective sales conversations, and it reminded me that we often learn the most by teaching others.

Sometimes we learn by teaching others, and it was funny because I found myself learning a lesson as well by teaching this guy. I told him, do not see your conversations with the people who enter your car as a taxi conversation, but instead, think of it as a sales conversation. He was amazed when I shared some strategies with him that he could use that would allow him to have sales talks with people without them being aware of it.

A great sales conversation always starts with a small thing, which builds rapport. How do you build rapport in a taxi? Start off with something small like asking, “What would you like to drink?” rather than, “Here is a bottle of water.” Invest a small amount of money by offering them a drink, then you can move on to the second part of the conversation.

I went on the share the rest of the steps with him and he was amazed. “I can make so much more money by selling stuff in my car – stuff with profit margins,” he said. I pointed out that even if he did not sell anything, he would still come away with a great conversation.

While sharing these ideas with him, I reminded myself that every conversation is a sales conversation. Even if you are not selling a product, you are selling yourself in a way. While talking to people, you can chit-chat and gossip, or you can make it a sales conversation and if you have the right strategies, you will make a connection. As a result, things will start to change.

We should really be aware of the words we speak, the questions we ask

Don’t Tell My Wife

After this experience, I am seriously considering applying to be an Uber Pop Driver. I am not that into cars, and do not tell my wife this, but I am thinking of buying a Ferrari and then Uber driving. Then, I will do Periscope! Imagine if you ordered an Uber Pop, which is really cheap, and then you got picked up by a Ferrari — how amazing would that be? And how much fun it would be for me to do that?

I am really considering doing that, obviously not for the money, but just for fun.

Yes, I am an Uber driver… well, not really

A good friend of mine was expecting his mother to arrive in Holland from the States and when she did not show up, he was in a panic. Doing what friends do, I offered to go to meet him at the airport. On my way, I received a call from him and thankfully, she had arrived safely.

On my way back, I drove through Central Amsterdam and when I got to Museum Square there was a festival going on. I had rolled down my windows to listen to the music. As I was slowly driving along, I passed this large group of people – a family—and they asked, “Are you an Uber driver?”

Let me interrupt my story here to explain that literally, that very morning, while teaching an entrepreneur group, I had told them about wanting to be an Uber driver. So, when this family asked, “Are you an Uber driver?” I was honest and told them I was not, but I asked where they were going. East Amsterdam they answered. No way! That is where I was going. It had to be a sign…right? I offered to give them a ride for free and they all piled in my car.

It was an awesome experience. We talked and had a great time on the ride. They offered to pay me with Serbian food because the father was in the Serbian restaurant business. I had so much fun and let me tell you, I went home happy and fulfilled.

That is what life is about. Having great experiences like that one and doing things just for fun.

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  • 10 July 2015
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