Everything Will Be Easier in Six Months

If you are waiting for the right time, thinking six months from now things will be easier, I have some ideas about this mindset that I would like to share with you.

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One of the biggest objections I hear from some people, particularly entrepreneurs, when it comes to taking steps toward freedom is that they are just too busy right now to make any big changes. The common line I hear is ‘I’m too busy right now, but can I do this in a few months?’

The reality is no matter what situation you are in, you always believe that in six months, your life will be much easier. The tendency is to think that you will not be busy anymore, all of the projects you have been working on will be complete, and you will be laying on a beach somewhere. The truth is, though, that you probably felt the same way six months ago – and it is just not going to work out like that.

Whenever an opportunity comes up that will allow you to make progress towards freedom or happiness and you find yourself thinking, “This is amazing, but this is not the right time,” really take a minute to check yourself. You probably will not be more relaxed and less busy six months from now. Instead, you will probably take on some new projects in addition to what you are already working on.

In order to breakthrough and achieve freedom, the best thing you can do is make the tough decision and take action. Making the tough decision will usually cause more stress in the short-term, but will lead to more freedom in the long-term. You might as will get it over with and take the steps right now.

Do not fool yourself into thinking that six months from now you will be so much more relaxed because the projects you are working on right now will be done. There will be other projects and obligations that come up. It is a mistake to delay having an amazing life because you only live once and the time is now. You will never be as young as you are right now, so just go for it.

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  • 16 July 2015
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