Why Isn’t Everybody Else Doing It?

Oftentimes, especially in Holland, you will think of an idea or opportunity that will lead you to wonder, “Why isn’t anybody doing this?” The first natural reaction is to think, “There must be a reason that nobody else is doing this, so I probably shouldn’t be doing it either. It’s probably not viable.” This way of thinking is something I have come across during my entire career.


Fifteen years ago, I started my first online store. At first, I was hesitant to start it up because there were not any other online stores in this particular line of business. I asked myself then, “Why isn’t anybody doing this?” This happens all the time in my ventures and what I have found is that when you do the thing that nobody else is doing, it usually works.

When you have a great idea and realize that no one else is currently taking action on that idea, you have two options…

I have been teaching courses on internet marketing for over 10 years now. I always use my first e-book, which gives 99 tips for running a marathon, as an example in this course. I tell my students that when you search for information about running marathons or marathon training, there is no search result for and e-book on that topic.

Still, after thousands of people who heard about this and gained this insight, nobody actually said, “Oh let me create an e-book about that and start selling it.” Instead, most of them probably thought, “Yeah, but it’s already been done,” or, “Other people probably tried selling this type of e-book and it didn’t work.” Nobody actually picked up the idea and took action on it.

I also own a company called PayPro, which I started in 2006, and it is an affiliate system combined with a payment system similar to ClickBank. ClickBank is a huge service in the world market and we started PayPro thinking that the market would soon be flooded with similar tools. To this day, almost 10 years later, PayPro is still the only tool on the market. I can think of so many examples of things I have done in the past and things that I am doing right now that nobody else does.

When you have a great idea and realize that no one else is currently taking action on that idea, you have two options. The first option is you can think, “Nobody is doing it because it’s not working, so I shouldn’t do it.” The second option is, “Whoa, nobody is doing this, so I could put in a lot of work, get it done, and I’ll be the only person offering this service or product.”

It is overwhelming to me that even simple stuff like e-mail marketing is not being taken advantage of. Only once or twice in my lifetime, have I been asked for my e-mail address at a restaurant. This is crazy to me because e-mail marketing is one of the most effective tools in the world. All you have to do is send your customers a periodic e-mail saying, “Hey, come have dinner with us. We’ll give you a free drink,” or whatever. It is too simple and because it is too simple, people do not do it.

Always be practical and if something works, just do it.

Personally, I started using e-mail marketing 15 years ago when I sold records online. I was just crushing all of my competitors on eBay and they were looking at me like, “What is this guy doing?” It was simple, I just had good descriptions of my records and I sent my customers an e-mail every Tuesday with sales info. Every Tuesday after I sent the message out, I would see the bidding wars begin on my records. From that moment on, I was like, “Why isn’t everybody doing this?”

Always be practical and if something works, just do it. Yesterday, I was on Twitter, making a Periscope episode, when I received a tweet from someone. The tweet said, “I really like Periscope, but there’s a bug on my phone that prevents me from broadcasting on Periscope,” so I replied to her and said, “Buy a new phone.” She thought that was a great idea and I told her, “It’s not that complicated.”

We spend too much time thinking, “We can’t do it because…” instead of, “I can do that because…” Most people are lazy and if they see money laying on the ground, they will not pick it up, but as an entrepreneur, you have to be able to see the money that is available and be willing to go after it. The bottom line is, do not think about what other people are doing. Be yourself, own your ideas, and the rest will take care of itself.

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  • 17 July 2015
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