Be on the Offense 80% of the Time

This article will explain why we, as entrepreneurs, should spend at least 80% of our work time playing offense.

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When our business requires us to focus on the backbone, whether it is support or delivering products, it drains our energy. However, when we are playing offense, creating strategies, doing sales and marketing, or things that grow our business, then first of all, our business actually grows. It is impossible to grow your business when you have to spend too much time creating or delivering the product.

Secondly, it produces a certain energy. Most of us, as entrepreneurs, really love being creative. We love to think about new ideas, create cool new stuff, brainstorm and strategize, and then actually put our ideas to work to make our business grow.

I really believe we have to do those types of things at least 70-80% of our working time. The other 20-30% we should use to get things done like administration, support, or staffing. This provides us a guarantee of growth and energy in our business and allows us to do what we are great at.

If you can keep these percentages balanced, you will see yearly growth in your business. It allows you to do the fun stuff, have ideas, and “scratch that itch” that we call creativity.

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  • 31 July 2015
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