Think in Hundreds Instead of Ones

If you are an entrepreneur and are not happy with your current level of success; if you know there is potential, but it just hasn’t happened as fast or as well as you would like, then keep reading for advice.

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When you are not seeing the growth from your business that you would like, then I believe there is a shift you can make in your mindset that can help. I challenge you to do this exercise.

Do the math. How many YouTube videos did you create last year? If you really want to win this war we call business, it is not going to happen if you create four YouTube videos this year.

How many blog posts did you create last year? You are not going to win the war by creating four blog posts.

You are not going to win the war by doing four webinars, Facebook posts, etc.

I want you to think in terms of hundreds rather than ones. I want you thinking I need to make hundreds of videos, hundreds of articles and blog posts, hundreds of Facebook posts, hundreds of sales goals.

I do not want you to think about how you can connect with some new people on Twitter, but instead think about how you can connect with hundreds of people on Twitter.

This is something, especially in Holland with my target market of Dutch entrepreneurs, we are not used to. In the States you have some guys who are really crushing it, are really productive. In Holland, however, it is not that common so they compare themselves to other Dutch entrepreneurs and it is not that hard to be number one. It is a lot harder to be number one in the U.S. for example.

I really want to challenge you to stop looking at your competitors, but instead look at your own potential. What can you produce, how much can you produce, how fast can you grow? Are you sleeping or are you awake and kicking it?

I know for a fact that when we are in action it is amazing, and I also know that it sucks when we are being passive and only doing some things with no game plan. I challenge you to have a game plan for this war called business. Go all out and see what opportunities will cross your path.

It is amazing what can happen if you start thinking in terms of hundreds or even thousands instead of ones. Your life will never be the same again.

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  • 1 August 2015
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